I  Super Smart Dog Training Packages

It goes without saying that Puppy Training is absolutely essential for Dogs and Dog owners.

Just like a new born child, they need encouragement and direction to ensure that they stay safe and are also obedient within the household. Our Puppy Training is quite detailed.

Below are some of the main features we cover:

> Puppy Obedience

> Toilet Training

> Sleeping and Feeding

> Jumping

> Excessive Barking

> Chewing

> Walking

At Super Smart Dog Training we believe the sooner you make that mental connection with your new puppy the sooner they will understand what you would like them to do.

We help you bridge that communication gap by teaching you how to observe your puppy’s behaviour and understand what is going through their mind.

These insights give you a great head start in the first year with your new puppy and will help you lay a clear and solid foundation for you to train and form a lifelong bond.


Who says you can’t teach an old Dog new tricks?

Of course you can and we specialise in helping mature Dog owners fine tune their Dog’s behaviour, so they feel confident stepping outside of their home with their Dog, knowing it will respond to the commands given.

Just like us humans, we form patterns over time and it isn’t until someone gets to the core of why that bahaviour is happening, that proper change will take place.

Here at Super Smart Dog Training, we work alongside you and provide you with the necessary tools and skills required to get your Dog to do what you require it to do every time.

This can be done in a group class setting or one on one with you that allows the Trainer to put all their focus onto you and your Dog. Our clientele are often amazed at just how simple and effective the methods we teach are to implement.

Just think of the amount of stress and worry this will remove from your life and home.

In addition to the Training we provide, we also look at your Dog’s overall health and we often find that many symptoms can easily be removed with changing the Dog’s behavioural patterns. Your Dog will be much happier and so will you.

The volume of calls we receive from Dog owners who have challenging Dog’s is quite alarming. You can literally hear the stress in their voice and how desperate they are to gain some form of respite.

The great news is that all their behavioural patterns can easily and effectively be addressed.

Being in the industry for over 20+ years, we can definitely say that we have seen it all and due to those countless experiences, we have built up a professional cache of tools and skills which we will gladly share with you to gain the results you desire now.


Here are some popular issues we address:

> Aggressive Behaviour

> Excess Barking

> Destructive Habits

>  Separation Anxiety

Our proven methods empower you and your dog to have a strong obedient and trusting relationship that provides everyone involved with total peace of mind.

You will feel more at ease and confident with your dog’s behaviour allowing you to enjoy the relationship you have together.

This is a Brilliant and very popular training, purely designed for passionate Dog Owners who wish to take their Dog to entirely new level of obedience training.

They have mastered the basics and are now ready to gain even more outstanding results for their pride and joy. Dog Owners truly enjoy this training as they get to customise their version of how they would like to be and be able to do.

The Dog’s absolutely love this training as it challenges them to see just how well they can do.

This bespoke like training fully focuses on you and your Dog and empowers you to take command in a way that gains the best results.

This training has been carefully put together to ensure that you and your Dog are able to easily implement what is shared, coupled with time to integrate each section learned.

This model has proven to be extremely successful and is designed to sustain the results acquired. If you are ready to embark – (Pardon the Pun) on advancing the skillset of your Dog, then this exclusive training is perfect for you now.

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Additional Trainings Available

Dog Owners absolutely love the Group Dog Trainings we host. It allows them to see in real time how their Dog reacts and behaves amongst other Dogs and provides them with the tools and skills to help them adapt to different situations.

It is also a great way for Dog Owners to meet new and exciting people with similar interests. Many great and long term friendships have been formed from our groups and it is our pleasure to help facilitate that. If you are looking for a great fun place to come and enjoy what we share, we welcome your call and look forward to having you join us in our next Master Class.

A very popular choice of Dog Owners is to request our service of ”In Home Dog Training”.

It absolutely makes sense to do so as that is where the majority of the Dog’s behaviour and activity will take place. As trainers, we gain valuable feedback from the Dog owners as to the behavioural patterns of their Dog/s and we also get to see the environment that the Dog lives in.

From there, we simply share our magic with you the Dog Owner, so you feel more confident giving your Dog/s the necessary commands to ensure total peace of mind in the household.

Many Dog Owners contact us due to having a specific issue that they have with their Dog/s, rectified.

What often evolves from those sessions is that the Dog Owner soon realises that there are many more tools available that will compliment their Dog/s both inside and outside the home.

Therefore they see the absolute value in undertaking further trainings for their Dog/s.

Their Dog/s absolutely love the trainings we provide as it challenges them and gives them more confidence.

The Dog Owners are also pleased as they get to build an even stronger bond with their pride and joy.