I  About Super Smart Dog Training

Having a passion for Dogs is the key ingredient to hosting a business as delicate as ”Super Smart Dog Training” and that is exactly what Enrique our lead trainer was born with.

Often dubbed the Ceasar Milano of the Australian Dog World, Enrique has over 20+ years experience Training and aiding Dog owners in gaining much needed peace of mind with their loved ones.

He has such an amazing unique talent in understanding dogs as well as assisting their owners in acquiring outstanding results in such a short period of time.

The additional benefit to Dog Owners is that Enrique, accompanied by his Wife Kim have owned and operated ”Pet’s Wonderland” for the past 20 years and their knowledge combined is the perfect formula for any Dog Owner to gain the best advice for providing the much needed essentials to sustain a healthy and enjoyable life for their Dog/s.

If you have either just acquired a new Pup or have an existing Dog/s that you would like to have expertly trained, then you will be doing yourself and your Dog/s a massive service by hiring the services of ”Super Smart Dog Training” now.

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